Why use infrared?

Infrared is a wavelength on the light spectrum just below what the human eye can see. These electromagnetic waves are absorbed directly into objects and cause the atoms to vibrate creating heat. This is the radiant heat we feel from the sun.

Serious Toaster Infrared

Radiant heating does not rely on any intermediary to conduct heat – it works directly on the molecules in its path. Because of this, it is highly efficient. Any heat transfer involves some loss, so when you have a gas flame heating air, then heating a radiant, then heating air some more, then finally heating the ground, you have much more loss than if that heat energy goes directly from the source to the area being thawed.


By using the latest infrared technology, and a targeted reflector design, the Serious Toaster gets the heat into the ground quicker and more efficiently than a regular flame.

Serious Toaster


The use of our PATENTED, CSA Approved infrared technologies provides lots of advantages:

No open flame – units can be placed next to buildings and utility pedestals
Easy set-up – no heavy equipment required, site preparation reduced less affected by wind, snow and ice
Flexible – can be placed in any number of positions, side by side, end to end
Efficient – thaw rates equal to coal and faster than existing open flame units
Less affected by wind, snow and ice
Environment Friendly – no foul odors or smoke emitted
Reliable – All components of the Toaster are rated to -40 degrees (C,F)