Utilities and contractors are crazy (over their Toaster™ units)

The Complete Heat System consists of self contained mobile unit containing everything needed to thaw ground using Toaster™ equipment.  The contractor pulls the trailer to the jobsite confident in knowing they have everything required to get their Toaster™ units up and working quickly and efficiently.

Serious ToasterThe system includes:
Trailer – capable of hauling up to 8 Toaster™ units (80 feet of trench or 160sq ft)
Generator – supplies 15Amp Inverted power to multiple units, run time 12 hours per fill
Propane Tank – 250 pound tank-mounted and heated
Regulator – for up to 8 units
Propane Hoses
Power cords
Locking tool boxes
Loading/unloading system

Serious ToasterSerious ToasterSerious Toaster