Toaster heats up The CAT Rental Stores

Toaster™ infrared ground thawing equipment is now available through The Cat Rental Store locations across Alberta and British Columbia.

Already in Fort McMurray and coming soon to Grande Prairie, the Toaster fever is spreading.


“Come in and see the Toaster at these great stores or call them to set up a ground thaw demonstration,” urges Dale Befus of Serious Thermal Products Ltd. “There’s still a lot of frozen ground between here and spring thaw.”

Serious Toaster

The CSA-approved heaters are fueled by clean-burning propane and run off standard 110-volt electricity provided by either generators or permanent power. Since the units don’t produce an open flame, they can also be used near buildings and utility pedestals.

The patented infrared technology of the Serious Toaster involves using targeted reflectors to direct heat into the ground with high efficiency—the Toaster thaws ground at least twice as fast as what can normally be accomplished.

To see the Toaster™ at work in Grande Prairie call The Cat Rental Store for time and location (780) 513-1245.

Contact any of The Cat Rental Store locations for more information about putting a Toaster to work for you.

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