The Toaster™ infrared ground thawing unit goes to work at minus 40C

The Toaster™ ground thawing unit was designed to work to -40 degrees – Celsius or Fahrenheit – cold is cold, right! Our engineers designed and specified only high quality parts rated to perform at extreme temperatures to ensure you are “toasting” the ground no matter what the conditions.

Serious ToasterDunwald & Fleming Enterprises Ltd of Calgary Alberta, uses Toaster™ equipment, and has this to say about the product:

“We have been installing gas lines for over 30 years, and this is the best piece of equipment we have found to thaw ground. It thaws fast, flexible, and an easy set-up for the guys. With the added bonus of no complaints about open fires, smoke or fumes like we used to get from burning coal.”

The Toaster™ unit was designed to be flexible and easy to set up.  Place the units end to end for trenching, side by side for connections, right next to buildings, utility pedestals, power poles or other obstacles.

Serious Toaster custom configurations