The Serious Thermal Products’ Toaster™ warms up North Dakota pipeline in record time

Pipeline joints need to be excavated, x-rayed and visually inspected which can mean about 400-500 potholes need to be dug for any stretch of pipeline. Digging two to three potholes a day for 12 hours a day means a whole lot of digging in less than ideal conditions out in the frozen North Dakota landscape.

Serious Toaster

Jackson Utilities set up a demonstration of the Toaster™ by Serious Thermal Products for a ND pipeline crew. Jackson Utillities’ owner Dayton Jackson arrived on site the previous day at about 1:00 PM to set out and fire up Toaster™ units along the approximate location of the pipeline. The next morning Dayton returned at 10:00 along with the hydrovac unit and pipeline workers. The crew set about to dig a pothole on the 10 foot by 2 foot site thawed by the Toaster™, but instead of the usual 4 to 6 hours of work, the hole was completed and the pipeline exposed in less than 15 minutes.

“Even better, instead of sloshing around in mud and half frozen slush, the hydrovac was cutting through the dry unfrozen ground like it was a perfect June day, making the worksite a whole lot safer,” says Dayton. “The (hydrovac) savings, including minimizing the downtime of filling the water tank, emptying the spoils tank and related travel, could be huge on a project of this size.”

Needless to say, the crews were thrilled with the result. Digging of additional potholes resulted in excavation that was 10 to 20 times faster than the hydrovac in frozen ground.