VIDEO: See just how EASY it is to set up the Toaster™ ground thawing unit

Check out our “HOW TO VIDEO” that demonstrates just how quick you can be up and running at your job site with a Toaster™ ground thawing unit and the Complete Heat system. [Read more…]

Can’t Rip It – Gotta Thaw It

Dunwald & Fleming Lights Up an Entire Lineup of Toasters

CALGARY, Alberta – Last week we heard about a project that started last summer, long before the frost set in during the month of December, installing a 24-inch steel gas pipeline. But now it’s January and there’s four feet of frozen ground under the asphalt along a very busy stretch of 42nd Avenue in Calgary’s Southeast. [Read more…]

Toaster Keeps Crews Hot-digging in Redstone

An experienced power line professional keeps utility excavation moving forward in a frozen Calgary community

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We’ll Do The Thawing For You!

Wouldn’t it be great if someone rolled up to your site and simply thawed that piece of frozen ground so you can get back to work?

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Got frozen ground?

… you need a Toaster™. Wherever the ground is frozen, you’ll find Toaster™ infrared ground thawing equipment. Find out who to contact to put a Toaster™ to work for you. [Read more…]

Ready For Another 100 Days of Thawing

We’ve posted some great Toaster™ customer stories over the past few seasons. Here are a few of our favorites. Got a Toaster™ story you’d like to tell us? We’re all ears. “Did you hear the one …”  [Read more…]

100 Days of Thawing

Winters are long. Frozen ground means projects take longer and equipment works harder… Unless you’re using a Toaster™ [Read more…]

Crews remove 3X the volume of dirt after preparing site using Toaster™ ground thawing units

Matt MacMillan is a veteran of hundreds of excavation projects for Calgary-based Dunwald and Fleming — a company that installs steel and poly gas distribution systems and pipelines — and even he was impressed. This winter, they were laying down a 24-inch water line just east of Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. Of course, using hydro-vac equipment is always expensive but this project was going to be different.  [Read more…]

Toaster™ saves the day with help from an innovative Minnesota plumber

Mike Burns, Serious Thermal Products’ cold weather expert in the north-central US hears some great stories of how our customers are using their Toaster™ ground thawing equipment. [Read more…]

The Serious Thermal Products’ Toaster™ warms up North Dakota pipeline in record time

Pipeline joints need to be excavated, x-rayed and visually inspected which can mean about 400-500 potholes need to be dug for any stretch of pipeline. Digging two to three potholes a day for 12 hours a day means a whole lot of digging in less than ideal conditions out in the frozen North Dakota landscape. [Read more…]

Toaster heats up The CAT Rental Stores

Toaster™ infrared ground thawing equipment is now available through The Cat Rental Store locations across Alberta and British Columbia. [Read more…]