VIDEO: See just how EASY it is to set up the Toaster™ ground thawing unit

Check out our “HOW TO VIDEO” that demonstrates just how quick you can be up and running at your job site with a Toaster™ ground thawing unit and the Complete Heat system. [Read more…]

Let Serious Do The Thawing For You!

Wouldn’t it be great if someone rolled up to your site and simply thawed that piece of frozen ground so you can get back to work?


We’ve got Calgary and Southern Alberta covered with with our Serious Ground Thawing Service For Utility Contractors. We’ll work with you from initial consultation and scheduling through to set-up and monitoring — we’re on the job until the job is done (and that ground is thawed) using Serious Toaster ground thawing equipment. Then we’re off to our next project, leaving you with thawed ground that’s ready for you to get on with your work. Fast and efficient. [Read more…]

Can’t Rip It – Gotta Thaw It

Dunwald & Fleming Lights Up an Entire Lineup of Toasters

CALGARY, Alberta – Last week we heard about a project that started last summer, long before the frost set in during the month of December, installing a 24-inch steel gas pipeline. But now it’s January and there’s four feet of frozen ground under the asphalt along a very busy stretch of 42nd Avenue in Calgary’s Southeast. [Read more…]

Toaster Keeps Crews Hot-digging in Redstone

An experienced power line professional keeps utility excavation moving forward in a frozen Calgary community

[Read more…]

Got frozen ground?

… you need a Toaster™. Wherever the ground is frozen, you’ll find Toaster™ infrared ground thawing equipment. Call 403-615-0054 to find out who to contact to put a Toaster™ to work for you. [Read more…]

Ready For Another 100 Days of Thawing

We’ve posted some great Toaster™ customer stories over the past few seasons. Here are a few of our favorites. Got a Toaster™ story you’d like to tell us? We’re all ears. “Did you hear the one …”  [Read more…]

100 Days of Thawing

Winters are long. Frozen ground means projects take longer and equipment works harder… Unless you’re using a Toaster™ [Read more…]

Crews remove 3X the volume of dirt after preparing site using Toaster™ ground thawing units

Matt MacMillan is a veteran of hundreds of excavation projects for Calgary-based Dunwald and Fleming — a company that installs steel and poly gas distribution systems and pipelines — and even he was impressed. This winter, they were laying down a 24-inch water line just east of Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. Of course, using hydro-vac equipment is always expensive but this project was going to be different.  [Read more…]

Toaster™ saves the day with help from an innovative Minnesota plumber

Mike Burns, Serious Thermal Products’ cold weather expert in the north-central US hears some great stories of how our customers are using their Toaster™ ground thawing equipment. [Read more…]

The Serious Thermal Products’ Toaster™ warms up North Dakota pipeline in record time

Pipeline joints need to be excavated, x-rayed and visually inspected which can mean about 400-500 potholes need to be dug for any stretch of pipeline. Digging two to three potholes a day for 12 hours a day means a whole lot of digging in less than ideal conditions out in the frozen North Dakota landscape. [Read more…]

Toaster heats up The CAT Rental Stores

Toaster™ infrared ground thawing equipment is now available through The Cat Rental Store locations across Alberta and British Columbia. [Read more…]