Toaster™ saves the day with help from an innovative Minnesota plumber

Mike Burns, Serious Thermal Products’ cold weather expert in the north-central US hears some great stories of how our customers are using their Toaster™ ground thawing equipment. We’re used to hearing about utilities and excavation contractors digging through ground that was previously frozen solid, but this was a new one:


Matts-PlumbingColumbus, MN based Matt’s Plumbing Solutions has a seriously innovative way of using our Toaster™ units for their clients. With another winter of typical Minnesota weather upon us some of Matt’s customers are having problems with sewer and water services at their homes. Freeze and thaw cycles can cause a ice buildup in pipes that eventually stops the flow completely. Of course excavating is expensive and just seems like it should be a last resort. Enter, the Toaster™.

“On a recent job they knew that the frozen pipe was at least seven-and-a-half feet down. They sat the Toaster™ down over the ground and just let it work away – for about 3 days. Just when they were thinking they’d have to start digging – on the 4th day – things just started flowing like normal. Of course the homeowners were more than just a little bit happy.” says Mike.

Matt’s bought their first Toaster™ unit from Mike last year, and then came back for another couple of units this year. They seem to know just where to put them to work and are very satisfied with their performance.

“At Matt’s Plumbing Solutions we use the best as far as equipment goes, we need the fastest equipment possible in order to get emergency jobs done as fast and safe as possible By far, the Toaster oven is the best, fastest equipment I have ever used in years.” MATT ARIOLA