Crews remove 3X the volume of dirt after preparing site using Toaster™ ground thawing units

Matt MacMillan is a veteran of hundreds of excavation projects for Calgary-based Dunwald and Fleming — a company that installs steel and poly gas distribution systems and pipelines — and even he was impressed. This winter, they were laying down a 24-inch water line just east of Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. Of course, using hydro-vac equipment is always expensive but this project was going to be different. 


Instead of simply digging in frozen ground the Dunwald & Fleming crew used several Toaster™ units from Serious Thermal Products to prepare the area that was to be excavated. The next day with the hydro-vac crew working on dry, thawed ground, they were able to remove at least 3 times the volume of dirt compared to working in frozen ground.

“That’s incredible. Our productivity just soared,” explains MacMillan. “But really, the truly amazing part is when you do the math and put dollar signs in front of the numbers. $100,000 in excavation costs when using the Toaster™ heaters versus $300,000 working on frozen ground. Those are the kinds of numbers that make real sense on projects of this size (and larger).”

Dunwald and Fleming now routinely looks for opportunities to use Serious Thermal’s Toaster™ ground thawing equipment on their projects. It keeps their project moving along even when the weather’s cold and the ground is frozen solid.