Can’t Rip It – Gotta Thaw It

Dunwald & Fleming Lights Up an Entire Lineup of Toasters

CALGARY, Alberta – Last week we heard about a project that started last summer, long before the frost set in during the month of December, installing a 24-inch steel gas pipeline. But now it’s January and there’s four feet of frozen ground under the asphalt along a very busy stretch of 42nd Avenue in Calgary’s Southeast.

Serious ToasterMark Richards, Dunwald & Fleming’s project foreman explains: “There’s lots of existing utilities here including water, storm and sanitary sewers, and a whole line of traffic pretty much throughout the day. Not much room to work – and I can’t just rip it with the big equipment.”

Insist on Serious Toaster™ infrared ground thawing equipment for construction and utilities

D&F called Serious Thermal Products who provided more than 20 Toaster™ ground thawing units to the site … and “lit it up.” The 10-foot by 2-foot “Toasters” placed end-to-end along the side of the road created a “train” that thawed the area over the extended utility services area. Just 20 hours later the ground was ready to trench.

The Serious Toaster propane-fuelled infrared heating system delivers ground thawing heat exactly where you need it. It’s clean, safe, cost-effective and efficient.