Toaster™ Infrared Ground Thawing Equipment by Serious Thermal Products Ltd.

Serious Toaster

THAW up to 1.6 inches per hour

EASY SET-UP – 2 men can move. Use multiple units in series or custom configuration (circles, squares, tees). No need to clear ice & snow. Fits in a pick-up box

SAFE – NO OPEN FLAME means you can place them anywhere.

SAVE MONEY by exposing utilities.

SAVE WEAR & TEAR using equipment in frost conditions.

STACKABLE multiple units store and transport easily.

LOW MAINTENANCE – minimal moving parts.

AFFORDABLE. Ask us, How affordable?

Serious Toaster



CLICK TO VIEW OR DOWNLOAD the manual for the Serious Toaster™.
Or you can fire up a QR code reader on your “smart phone”, scan this image, and view the Toaster Manual on your iPhone (or non-iDevice).

Introducing the Serious Complete Heat System

Complete Heat

Everything you need to run 5 Toaster™ units—all in one package. Find out more about Complete Heat.