100 Days of Thawing

Winters are long. Frozen ground means projects take longer and equipment works harder… Unless you’re using a Toaster™

100 Days, that’s 100 reasons why you need a toaster… Here’s 10 more:

FAST: Thaw up to 1.6 inches per hour

EASY TO OPERATE: One hose/one cord – limited site preparation

SAFE: No open flame, can be placed next to wood structures

CLEAN: Burns propane – no coal/straw

FLEXIBLE: Nose-to-tail or side-by-side

Serious ToasterRELIABLE: all parts rated to minus 40 degrees

SIZE: Thaws a complete 2 foot by 10 foot area

RUGGED: steel/stainless steel construction

SERVICE: 4 screws and you’re back to work


Safe, effective and easy to use infrared ground thawing for construction and utilities.

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